SoundGraffiti Dimmer

SoundGraffiti Dimmer


Driver source code

Program SoundGraffiti Dimmer

      The program converts input sound signal from an input signal from a microphone, line input, or computer’s outputs to output signals for a DMX transmitter device (or another device) for dimmers. The operating procedure with DMX transmitters – > is explained at the vendor’s site or on the Dongle devices page. On this page you may also find source code (examples for another DMX transmitters.
SoundGraffiti Dimmer works with the following DMX transmitters:

VendorDeviceHome pageNote
Artistic LicenceArtNetwww.artisticlicence.comCheck in ArtNet
SoundLight1512 A/B/C; USBDMX; PCMCIA; … 
Kristof NysDMX 
Manuel MartinManolator 
Mathias DzionskoMiniDMXMiniDMX 
ENTTECEnttec DMX USB Prowww.enttec.comOK
VellemanVelleman for Windows 32 bit)

*Note1 : On some computers problems are possible. In case of problems please contact our support team.
Before purchase please check your software and drivers !!!

Requirements: Windows 2k/XP, for 900 MHz processor usage > 30% (depends on visualization), DirectX version > 8 (for visualization screen).


“User Guide” 
“Sound Configuring for Windows XP” 
“Sound Configuring for Windows Vista” 

Limitations ( without license code ) :
The operating time with data transfer (Output Data – change) to other program is limited to approximately 5-10 min. For unlimited use it is necessary to buy the program.
Buy the program : Menu->Help->Buy Now .
After payment, please :
– Select Menu: Help->Get authorization code
– Send an E-Mail to support with the authorization cod e ( in order for us to generate a License Key)
– You will soon receive an email from SoundGraffiti with the Licence Key . Type it in the License Key field, and your done! .