SoundGraffiti Dimmer Pack

Electronic Kit “SoundGraffiti Dimmer Pack”

SoundGraffiti offers electronic Kit “SoundGraffiti Dimmer Pack”  for colour music (SOUND-LIGHT) .

SoundGraffiti Dimmer Pack converts the music signal into control signals for LEDs, lamps and other lighting equipment, up to 12 channels .

Algorithm fully equivalent to PC program SoundGraffiti Dimmer.

— For ¬†change the settings and parameters of the algorithm, the number of output channels, the testing of output channels and firmware update using the freeware PC program “SoundGraffiti Dimmer Pack 4 Firmware Update” —

Can be delivery kits, separate modules or microcontrollers with firmware

Kit includes:

– Base Module
—- Processor ATSAM3S4A (core Cortex 3M), Audio Input, USB.
—- A simple update firmware, test and modify (via USB)
—- Number of channels – up to 12
– Triac modules:
—- OPTOCOUPLER, 4 channels (24-220V).

Base module

Triac module

The program of the microcontroller can be modified in accordance with your schematics and your requirements.

Program :

SoundGraffiti DimmerSoundGraffitProgram :

SoundGraffiti Dimmer Pack 4 Firmware Update



“Base Module”
“Triac Module”
“SoundGraffiti Dimmer Pack 4 Firmware Update” i Home DiscoDemo